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Tattoos K-18

The ABSOLUTE age limit for tattoos is 18 YEARS. We don't even do it for acquaintances, for younger people with a parent's presence or permission.
Read the tattoo instructions carefully before arriving, and we will ensure a good experience on both sides!

Obstacles to tattooing

  • Infectious blood diseases such as AIDS, HIV and hepatitis C. 
  • Bleeding diseases. If you are on blood-thinning medication, it would be a good idea to stop taking the medication ahead of time. 
  • Not during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 
  • Autoimmune diseases, such as diabetes (not in the legs) and rheumatic diseases (higher risk of inflammation, 3 months since the previous inflammation). You should ask your doctor for permission to get a tattoo and tell the tattoo artist about the situation as well. 
  • Severe skin problems. 
  • Epilepsy (is not an obstacle, if there have been no seizures for a long time, but nevertheless take a support person with you,
    who knows exactly your type of epilepsy and knows how to act in the situation).

You can find our work From the gallery and from social media channels. You can also find Ville's work separately Lummin's Instagram from the account.

For copyright reasons, we do not send final drafts of plans in advance. 

We don't necessarily take all kinds of pictures, so be prepared for the possibility that
we refuse to implement the image. We also do not copy directly from another tattoo. Provided
it is a text tattoo, find out ahead of time that the text is written correctly, responsibility
the customer has to check the spelling.

Neck, back of hand, fingers, etc. visible areas, we only do for our regular customers who already have
already a lot of pictures. This e.g. for the reason that we want to see how the tattoos heal and
the tattoo spots in question are usually ones that have to be really big
with probability to fix. Fixing is done during the next tattoo appointment.

You can find additional information and terms and conditions of the APPOINTMENT RESERVATION as well as the price list in the links below. 

Before tattoo time

The skin of the tattoo area must be intact. If the skin is dry, it would be good to start moisturizing the skin with a moisturizing skin cream about a week in advance. Eczema and pimples can affect the final result of the tattoo. 

We recommend avoiding shower tanning and self-tanning creams ahead of time, as it makes it difficult to clean the skin. If possible, it would be good to exfoliate the skin the night before to remove dead skin. If shaving is a familiar thing, you can shave the area ahead of time, but avoid getting wounds. If it's not something you're familiar with, leave it to us so you don't break the skin. 

The tattoo appointment should arrive rested and well. When tired or hungover, the pain tolerance is lower, which again causes more pain when tattooing. 

For longer periods, it is good to bring e.g. reading, a tablet and headphones, so that you can shift your thoughts away from the pain. The use of alcohol and blood-thinning painkillers should be avoided on the day of tattooing, as they cause more bleeding, which in turn makes tattooing more difficult. Do not come to the appointment under the influence of alcohol! 

Eat and drink well ahead of time. Our studio offers e.g. coffee/lime/vichy, cookies, sweets, but if the tattooing time is longer, we recommend bringing other things to keep your blood sugar steady. There are also shops and eateries nearby. Our studio also has a small fridge and microwave. 

Get dressed for comfortable and casual clothes, whose possible staining is okay. The clothes should also be such that the part to be tattooed is easy to take out and you can easily put the clothes on even after the tattoo is done. If the tattoo comes in a place where the hair is in the way, please put it closed or so that it is out of the way. 

Extra noise disturbs e.g. the tattooist's concentration on work and can also disturb other customers, so Please come alone for your time. 

Caring for and watching children is practically impossible during the tattoo time, it disturbs the client's relaxation and our work, so please arrange a place to care for them during the tattoo time. If a customer happens to pass out, it can be a very scary experience from a child's point of view. 

We recommend that you do not agree on expenses immediately after the tattoo appointment, because sometimes the time can stretch more than estimated or other time-consuming things can happen. You want the end result to please both of you 😉 

You're not asking you can of course ask the tattoo artist for an estimate during the making process. This causes a feeling of pressure for the perpetrator, as well as if you are called from e.g. home and asked how much longer it will take (this also causes a feeling of pressure for yourself, which can again cause, for example, sensitivity to pain). 

Please arrive at your appointed time. It is not good to come too early, because the previous customer may be busy and our customer rooms are not very big. 

MEMORY LIST it is worth taking with you, especially for longer trips; Casual clothing, hair curler, burana (you can also take it before a longer session), eating, drinking, phone charger, headphones, book, etc. 

Care instructions for tattoos

When your tattoo is finished and put in the "package", you are obliged to take care of it yourself. Healing takes approx. 2-3 weeks. 

When you leave your tattoo appointment, the tattoo will be covered with a tape film/film. Take it off according to the tattooist's instructions (approx. 4h-12h after the tattoo) and then follow the instructions for washing and greasing*1. 

If the tattoo disturbs your sleep, you can put a film to protect it for the first few nights. 

The general treatment instructions are *1washing and greasing, which means that for about 14 days you should wash your tattoo at least in the mornings/evenings with lukewarm water and mild soap as an aid. It would also be good to wash the old grease off or wipe it cleanly with a wet paper towel in between greasings. 

Dry after washing by pressing with a clean paper towel and apply fat thinly to the entire tattoo. Use either red bepanthene or easy tattoo cream, which we also sell (not for people with citrus allergies), as fat. This is repeated over the course of a couple of weeks or so 3-5 times a day. 

The general guideline is not to swimming, in public saunas or in the sun it may be 14 days after the tattoo is taken. During the aftercare, the tattoo must not be scratched, plucked or rubbed with a towel, for example. 

If you do something where the tattoo can get dirt/bacteria (Exercise/work, etc.), protect the tattoo for the time -> wash and dry, grease and wrap the film over it for the time, also clean the film after removal. However, it's good for the tattoo to get some air so it doesn't boil, so don't keep it all day. Your own sweat is not a problem, as long as you remember to take care of the tattoo after sweating according to the care instructions. 

During the summer, protect the tattoo with clothes or use sun cream with a large protection factor (sk50) for a tattoo that has healed in the sun (you can start approx. 3 weeks after getting the tattoo). 

As a rule, only use products recommended by the tattoo artist. Aftercare products also for sale in our store. 

If the skin is dry after healing, you can continue greasing with the base cream. The skin is renewed, so it may need moisture even after healing. 

You can get more information from your tattoo artist. 

Please come and show the healed tattoo or post a clear picture of it so we can see if it needs any repairs (the repair is included in the price and should be done within a couple of months of getting the tattoo done). If you notice yourself that, for example, the line has not been maintained, send an email, so we can check the repair time directly. The repair guarantee does not apply to repairs due to carelessness or other self-inflicted loss of color. If you want changes to the tattoo that were not planned during the creation phase, we charge a separate fee for this, because the tattoo has been approved by you before and after the tattooing. 

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