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Appointment and cancellation conditions

Once the time is reserved, the appointment is binding and the possible reservation fee is not refunded.

If you have to postpone your appointment (e.g. due to illness or financial situation) or cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, however no later than 48 hours (2 days) ahead of time by email. It is possible to transfer time once with the same booking fee.

We reserve the right to charge the full price of the reserved service for later cancellations or non-cancellable time and no-shows (also applies to gift card payments).

Being 15 minutes late is the same as not showing up, because it affects our schedules, so please let us know if you are late. Arrive on time as we often keep the door locked, so you have to wait outside until your time is up.

Appointment cancellation must be done by e-mail , we will acknowledge it during our working hours when it has arrived. If you don't receive an acknowledgment 24 hours before your time, please send it again.

Tattoo appointment booking and inquiries

Appointments for tattoos and piercings only by e-mail, thank you!

Please provide the following information so that the appointment can be made more smoothly and quickly.

SUBJECT OF EMAIL; TATTOO APPOINTMENT RESERVATION , + if you want an appointment with a specific tattoo artist (Janita/Ville).

1. CONTACT INFORMATION (Name, address, phone number). We do not use contact information for any other purpose.

2. SUBJECT AND STYLE how do you want it to be realized (realistic or cartoonish, black-gray/color, just lines)?

3. SIZE (about cm*cm, the size can change depending on the content of the tattoo; not everything is worth it or can be done very small).

4. PART OF THE BODY esim. Vasen olkavarsi (onko olemassa olevia tatuointeja/arpia, jotka voivat vaikuttaa suunnitelmaan). Ota mahdollisimman selkeä ja  kohtisuoraan otettu kuva, luonnollisessa asennossa kohdasta johon tatuointi tulisi. Mikäli kyseessä on *¹cover up tattoo, send as clear a picture of your current tattoo as possible.

5. REFERENCE PICTURES what kind would you like (Max 3 pieces).

When booking an appointment, mention how you would get to the appointment (e.g. work obstacles, is it possible
for example, ask for a vacation day in a month's time or if you can come whenever there are times available). Please note that we work on weekdays between 10 and 16.

If the payment method is
A GIFT CARD or you have a BUDGET for a tattoo,
please let me know when booking.

*Huomioithan, että peittotatuoinneissa  peittävyyden takia uusi tatuointi tulee olla reilusti suurempi ja siinä täytyy käyttää reilummin mustaa/muita värejä, näin ollen tekeminen vie myös enemmän aikaa sekä on myös kalliimpi kuin ”puhtaalle” iholle tehty.

Piercing appointment and inquiries


CONTACT INFORMATION (Name, address, phone number). We do not use contact information for any other purpose.

What PIERCING? Please also tell me if you are under 18.

Mikäli kärsit neulakammosta ja haluat tukihenkilön mukaan, ilmoita se aikaa varatessasi (muutoin sisälle vain asiakas).

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