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Fill in the necessary information CAREFULLY. We do not use contact information for any other purpose.
Finally, please check the e-mail address you provided, because if it is wrong/your e-mail is full, the messages we send will not be delivered. Remember to also check your spam for our replies.

The appointment page is being maintained

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Appointment and cancellation conditions

Once the time is reserved, the appointment is binding and the possible reservation fee is not refunded.

If you have to postpone your appointment (e.g. due to illness or financial situation) or cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, however no later than 48 hours (2 days) ahead of time by email. It is possible to transfer time once with the same booking fee.

We reserve the right to charge the full price of the reserved service for later cancellations or non-cancellable time and no-shows (also applies to gift card payments).

Being 15 minutes late is the same as not showing up, because it affects our schedules, so please let us know if you are late. Arrive on time as we often keep the door locked, so you have to wait outside until your time is up.

Appointment cancellation must be done by e-mail , we will acknowledge it during our business hours once it has arrived. If you don't receive an acknowledgment 24 hours before your time, please send it again.

Tattoo appointment booking and inquiries

Absolute age limit K-18


1. Choose which tattooist you want an appointment with. if you are not sure which job is suitable for you, choose the first one
option. You can see our work on the gallery page. HOOK! Only Ville makes realistic ones
images (photographic).

2. The subject of the tattoo and the style in which you want it to be done (realistic or cartoonish, black-gray/color, just lines)?

3. The size of the tattoo (about cm*cm, the size may change depending on the content of the tattoo; not everything
worth or can be done very small).

4. Part of the body e.g. Left upper arm (are there existing tattoos/scars that may
affect the plan).

5. When making an appointment, mention how you would get to the appointment (e.g. work obstacles, is it possible
for example, ask for a vacation day in a month's time or if you can come any time
is available). Please note that we work on weekdays between 10 and 16.
If the payment method is
A GIFT CARD or you have a BUDGET for a tattoo,
please let me know when booking.
Reference pictures can only be sent once we have replied to you.

If that's the case cover up tattoo, take as clear a picture of your tattoo as possible, send the picture and the appointment information (also contact information) what we ask for when making an appointment and tell me how and with what you would like the tattoo to be covered.

Please note that due to the coverage, the new tattoo must be considerably larger and must use more black/other colors, therefore it also takes more time and is also more expensive than one done on "clean" skin.


If there is a problem with the booking form, please contact us by email

Form for booking a tattoo appointment and for enquiries

Please read the tattoo from illegal obstacles/places we don't do and what you need to know before your time from the pages tattoos.

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Time for which tattoo artist?

Piercing appointment and inquiries

Indicate the details of the piercing;

1. Which piercing do you want?

2. Change the information you want to convey to the author (e.g. needle comb, sensitive nausea, special wish for jewelry, need for a support person).

3. Also tell me if a gift card works as payment.

We are open on weekdays between 10am and 4pm (customers only come in during the reserved time).

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