Delight your friend with a gift card!

You can use the gift card for tattoos, piercings and our products. The best way to remember someone important to you is with a Blackwell Bodyart gift card! Please read terms before ordering.

You can buy a gift card in our store. Please email the amount of the gift card and the possible pick-up time, and we will prepare the card and ensure availability.


Gift card terms and conditions

Gift cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase (the appointment must be booked within 6 months).

When making an appointment, please indicate if you have a gift card.

The gift card cannot be exchanged for money and the remaining amount will not be refunded.

You cannot get an extension for a gift card without a valid reason (e.g. due to pregnancy, illness, etc., you can get an extension with a doctor's certificate before the end of the validity period).

If the gift card has not been used/or the time has been booked, within the time frame mentioned in it, it will be invalidated.

The terms of booking and canceling appointments also apply to the gift card.

The gift card can be used for all our services and products.

Please note that the age limit for getting a tattoo is 18 years. There are also age limits for piercings. We do not tattoo minors, even with the parents' permission/presence.

Please take good care of the card, as a lost gift card will not be refunded.

Gift cards purchased from the gift card store (before February 2024) have a virtual code that serves as payment. We have given up the gift card online store.

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