Delight your friend with a gift card!

You can use the gift card for tattoos, piercings and our products. The best way to remember someone important to you is with a Blackwell Bodyart gift card! Please read terms before ordering.


Gift card terms and conditions

  • Gift cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase (the appointment must be booked within 6 months).
  • When making an appointment, please indicate if you have a gift card.
  • The gift card cannot be exchanged for money.
  • You cannot extend the gift card without a valid reason (e.g. due to pregnancy, illness, etc. with a doctor's certificate before the end of the validity period).
  • If the gift card has not been used/or the time has been booked, within the time frame mentioned in it, it will be invalidated.
  • The terms of booking and canceling appointments also apply to the gift card.
  • In addition to the physical gift card, our store also uses a digital gift card.
  • The gift card can be used for all our services and products.
  • Indicate the gift card as payment when booking an appointment.
  • After buying a gift card, you will receive a virtual code with which the gift card can be used as a payment.
  • Please note that the gift card
    you always need a virtual code to redeem.
    Deliver the code you received to the gift recipient or send the code directly to the gift recipient's email address.
  • Please note that the age limit for getting a tattoo is 18 years. We do not tattoo minors, even parents
    with permission/presence.
  • Voit ostaa fyysisen lahjakortin myös liikkeestämme, jolloin kirjoitamme korttiin virtuaalikoodin. Liikkeestämme ostettuun fyysiseen lahjakorttiin lisäämme 5€ palvelumaksun. Pidäthän
    take good care of the card, because the gift card cannot be used without a code.
  • If you have a physical gift card without a code, take good care of the gift card, as a lost gift card will not be refunded.
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