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Read the piercing instructions carefully before arriving, and we will ensure a good experience on both sides!

Before piercing time remember to rest, eat and drink well. It's good to have high blood sugar so that you don't feel bad by surprise. If you have a tendency to feel bad, for example in blood test situations, reserve something sugary for yourself. If your hair is in front of the piercing, please make sure that it is tied or otherwise poout of the way. 

Arrive punctually and alone (guardian under 16 allowed). If for some specific reason you need a support person to accompany you, please ask about this ahead of time. 

Appointments only websites via, where you can also find the terms and conditions for booking an appointment. Unfortunately, I don't have time to answer calls during working hours. 

You can find the price list from here. 

Obstacles to piercing

  • Anatomy; The placement of the piercing can often depend on the anatomy as well. For example, not everyone can get an industrial piercing, because the cartilage is not protruding enough. In tongue piercing, the tightness of the tongue tendon, the location of blood vessels or neglect of oral hygiene can be an obstacle. 
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend waiting, as there is always a risk of infection with a piercing. 
  • Diseases; Infectious blood diseases such as AIDS, HIV, hepatitis C.
  • Diabetes and rheumatism, it should have been 3 months since the previous infection and it would always be good to ask the doctor for permission to have a piercing. 
  • Epilepsy (is not an obstacle, if there have been no seizures for a long time, but nevertheless take a support person with you,
    who knows exactly your type of epilepsy and knows how to act in the situation).
  • You must be in basic health at the time of piercing. 
  • Do not come under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. 
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Ear piercings Minimum age 5 years. 

I also do basic ear piercings for younger people, if the child is ready for it and allows them to be inserted. If the child does not let it be put in, I have to charge the price of the consultation time. Piercings are done with a single-use sharp piercing needle, which takes the pierced point inside the needle. We do not use a piercing gun, where the jewelry is shot through the earlobe. Possible to make with either a 1.2mm or 1.6mm needle. Healing time approx. 1 month. 

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Basic piercings; Basic ear lobe piercing, navel, lip and nose. Can't do without guardian presence. 

Healing time varies. 

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Cartilage jewelry, angle, smiley, language, industrial, etc. The requested permission from the parent is sufficient, be prepared to prove your age with a photo ID when asked. All other than K-18 piercings. 

Healing time varies. 

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Bridge, nipple, microdermal. 

Healing time varies. 

Care instructions for piercings

Don't touch your piercing with dirty fingers!! 

A piercing is an open wound where there is always a risk of infection. 

Always wash and dry your hands carefully before touching the piercing area! Even touching the healed piercing brings bacteria both to the skin and your own bacteria from the skin to contact surfaces (telephone, door handles, etc.). Your own sweat and perspiration are not harmful as long as you remember to clean the piercing after sweating. 

Do not remove the jewelry from the piercing during the healing period or move the jewelry unnecessarily 

Removing the jewelry from the piercing during the healing period often leads to the piercing becoming worn out quickly. Moving around exposes the piercing to bacteria carried into the piercing hole with the hands. Cleaning and taking care of the piercing area should be done while the jewelry is in place. 

For cleaning, use a saline solution or a cleaning agent intended for that purpose* 

*Saline solution from a pharmacy (e.g. Naso-NaCL ratiopharm 20*2ml is handy for this task) or alcohol-free mouthwash for the mouth area. 

Warm the saline solution and wrap it around the piercing. Let it brew for 5-15 minutes/2-3 times a day, for about a month. Use a lint-free cotton pad or gauze for incubating. The purpose of cleaning is to gently dissolve all tissue fluid that has dried up near the piercing hole from the healing skin. 

Make sure that no soap or other chemicals get into the piercing. At the end of the shower, let the water run directly into the piercing, this already completes the brewing, so there is no need for a separate brewing, but visible dirt must of course be gently removed with e.g. a moistened cotton swab and finally dried. If the piercing is located in a hard-to-reach place, use a cotton swab moistened with warm water to clean it. For treatment should not be used disinfectants, fats or antibiotic creams, they dry and irritate the skin unnecessarily, and the creams can block the piercing hole. Always remember to dry the piercing after cleaning. 

All piercings secrete tissue fluid as they heal 

Tissue fluid is a transparent, pale or slightly yellowish liquid that the wound secretes when it heals. The inflammation is accompanied by strong redness, pain (not only when moving the jewelry) and severe suppuration. Always contact your piercer first if you suspect that your piercing has become infected. 

The piercing should NEVER be removed from an infected piercing, as pus can lodge in the wound! 

The bumps that come along with the piercings can also be part of the healing process or tongues from the irritation of the piercing, so it's good to go and get detailed care instructions from the piercer with them too. These patties are often found especially in nose piercings. Avoid saunas, swimming and staying in standing water for 4 weeks after the piercing. (see general problems below) 

Don't change piercings too earlylet your piercing heal properly with time before you change your jewelry to a new one! 

The healing time of the piercing can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months, depending on the piercing and following the treatment instructions. If a piece of jewelry that is too short compresses the skin during the healing period, always consult your piercer first for a jewelry exchange. 

What is normal with a fresh piercing? 

In the early days of the piercing and during healing, there may be swelling, pain, bruising, pain when moving the jewelry, itching, dry skin and small amounts of blood. You can use cold for relief, e.g. an ice cube in a clean bag, put gauze on top and hold it on the piercing for a while. You can take burana or other anti-inflammatory medicine for pain. 

Treatment of oral piercings: Avoid dairy and citrus products, do not share utensils or exchange germs with other people for 2 weeks. Whenever you have eaten or drunk something other than water, rinse your mouth with fresh and clean water. You can also rinse your mouth non-alcoholic with mouthwash or saline solution in the morning and in the evening. Always change your toothbrush to a new one when you get a new oral piercing and take good care of your oral hygiene. Treat the piercing on the surface of the skin with the above-mentioned care instructions. After getting a tongue piercing, don't eat or drink anything hot and be careful with eating anyway, until the jewelry is changed to a shorter one, because the tooth will give in but the titanium jewelry won't. For the first few days, suck on, for example, ice cubes, etc. sugar-free cold, this helps with swelling. Remember to change the tongue jewelry after about 1 month or when the piercing has completely healed, this also protects the teeth when the jewelry is not to be played with. 

Pole jewelry after the illegal, avoid high pants, shirts with holes, etc. where the jewelry can get caught. Otherwise, treat with the above-mentioned treatment instructions. 

COMMON PROBLEMS and their treatment; 

  • The most common problem with nose and ear cartilage piercings is the so-called irritation, which can be caused by e.g. neglecting care, the jewelry hitting something, sleeping on it, etc. Please also check the jewelry material. Following the care instructions helps the tubs (infusion can be increased 15 min/3 times a day), remember to dry after cleaning! Do not squeeze or otherwise try to empty the pan. Pat should disappear within a few months. No Pull silicone hoses are also available in the store for €2/piece (€5/3 pieces). With a silicone hose, Patti usually disappears in a few weeks. You can find more information about the Nopull silicone hose from the website .  
  • Outgrowth; Often occurs in an eyebrow piercing, navel piercing (vertical piercings) and microdermal. The jewelry should be removed before it grows out, otherwise this will leave a bigger scar. Change the jewelry to a more suitable size. 
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