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Price list

Debit card payment, cash or gift card on the spot is the payment method. Inform about a possible gift card when booking an appointment. We do not sell on credit/invoice.

Tattoos K-18

The prices include the design of the tattoo, VAT (24%), support for taking care of it and one fixing session if necessary (within 2 months of getting it, does not apply to fingers/back of the ear etc. places that we only do for our regular customers, we fix them in connection with other tattoos).

When the tattoo plan is clear, you can get it if you want indicative price estimate. The final price can change one way or the other, because many things affect it (skin, body part, change of plan at the last minute, pain sensitivity, etc.)

2.1.2023 Tattoo prices from 100€ (full day times 500€-800€) depending on e.g. content, place, colors.

Booking fee for larger tattoo jobs €50/€100. The reservation fee is refunded from the final amount (on the last visit if there are many sessions). If the appointment is not canceled/postponed at least 48 hours before and is not reached, the reservation fee will not be refunded. With the reservation fee, you commit to getting a tattoo and coming there on time. The payment will only be returned if the tattooist has to cancel the appointment and a new appointment is not offered within 6 months.

Additional information on time transfer and cancellation on the pages appointment.

Tattoo care products:
Easy tattoo tattoo treatment cream (not for citrus allergy sufferers), €6/20ml, €10/50ml, €16/100ml
Easy tattoo washing gel €7
Easy tattoo sets (cream+washing gel), small (50ml) 15€, large (100ml) 20€

For copyright reasons, we do not send final drafts in advance.


Includes piercing, titanium sterilized starter jewelry, aftercare instructions and support for the best possible healing process. Possibility to put a diamond/colored one for an additional fee, I don't pierce with the customer's own jewelry.

I also do ear piercings for children (minimum age limit 5 years), otherwise age limits K-14 (requires the presence of a parent)/K-16 (permission from parent)/K-18. Be prepared to prove your age.

Piercing, healing time usually, Price 1pc/2pc

Korvanlehtilävistys (lobe), 1-2kk, 35€/60€
Cartilage piercing – Helix, 3-9 months, €45/€80
Other cartilage piercings, 3-9 months, €50/€90
Corner, 1-2 months, €55
Nose, 3-6 months, €50/€90
Septum, 2-4 weeks, €60
Lip, 1-2 months, €50/€90
Lip (vertical), 1-2 months, €60
Smiley, 2-3 weeks, €50
Napalävistys (Navel), 3-12kk, 60€
Industrial K-16, 3-9 months, €60
Language K-16, approx. 1 month, €60
Bridge K-18, 2-3 months, €65
Nipple K-18, 3-6 months, €60/€110
Microdermal K-18, 1-3 months, €85/€150
Jewelry exchange, starting at €10/hole (only jewelry purchased from us, I do not exchange the customer's own jewelry).
Opening an old piercing with an auxiliary needle, from €15.
Piercing check-up from €10.
Piercing care spray €10

☆ Hopea-Puro jewelry from €2/pair (material mainly jewelry steel/surgical steel)

€40 for piercings/jewelry purchases, you get a loyalty card with which you get benefits for piercings and jewelry at normal prices. The loyalty card is valid for 12 months and is personal.

Gift cards are also on sale!

(please inform us of the amount of the gift card and the possible time of collection by e-mail)

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