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Tatuointeja Blackwll Bodyart Rovaniemi


  • Ville has been doing tattoos as a day job since -2016. As a rule, realistic (photographic) style direction, but also Japanese and neo-traditional style are a passion.
  • Janita has been doing tattoos since -2021. Janita makes pictures everywhere, but her favorite works are cartoon-like pictures, neo-traditional and line work.
  • You can see more of our handprints on our Instagram page.
Lävistys Blackwell Bodyart


Janita does the piercings in the shop. Janita has been doing piercings as her day job since -2018.

We serve by appointment only

As a general rule, we are there on weekdays between 10 am and 4 pm, when we serve our appointment booking customers 
(we often keep the door locked).
In order for us to be able to serve you personally, and the ongoing customer work is not interrupted, please make an appointment also for jewelry purchases/exchanges and the purchase of a gift card. Our store also sells piercing jewelry and tattoo and piercing care products.

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